BSDL Files Library for JTAG
The only free public library that contains thousands of BSDL (Boundary Scan Description Language) models to use with BS/JTAG tools
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Apollo-Soyuz Test Project ends Space Race, July 17, 1975 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, a US Apollo capsule docked with a Soviet Soyuz capsule, marking the first time the two countries met in space, ending the Space Race.
5G manufacturing: Overcoming gNB test challenges (EDN Test and Measurement)
Before operators start capturing the new revenue streams from 5G, the industry must tackle what is perhaps the greatest challenge of all for the technology: manufacturing test.
Will AI come to the test industry? (EDN Test and Measurement)
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making incremental inroads into semiconductor test, but not into functional system test, at least not yet.
Test power supplies for efficiency to comply with regulatory standards (EDN Test and Measurement)
As we seek to reduce power consumption, we must comply with standards. The key is to make voltage and current measurements, calculate power, and minimize harmonics.
Link-budget calculations: Needed for 5G OTA testing (EDN Test and Measurement)
Testing of 5G mmWave devices introduces a new set of challenges related to over-the-air path losses.
MAP-E testing helps IPv6 carry IPv4 traffic (EDN Test and Measurement)
In a world out of IPv4 addresses but equipment still in use, ISPs need a mechanism for supporting IPv4 traffic over IPv6 networks. Learn how MAP-E helps and how to test it.
5G test gears up (EDN Test and Measurement)
As products emerge and networks assemble, the test-equipment industry must keep up with standards, production, and deployment.
Live wireless testing shows network weaknesses (EDN Test and Measurement)
Real-world feedback with a real product can often be critical to understanding how people are using your product.
Laser pioneer Gordon Gould is born, July 17, 1920 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, Gordon Gould, a physicist who played a major role in inventing the laser, was born.
DRAM Capex to plunge 28% in 2019 (Evertiq)
One of the significant questions facing the IC industry in the second half of 2019 is if and when the DRAM market will rebound.
Casambi and Seoul Semi join forces (Evertiq)
Casambi, the pioneer in wireless lighting controls based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), has teamed up with LED technology specialist Seoul Semiconductor. The joint development aims to "put true human-centric lighting in the hands of designers for the first time".
Stannol expands its production in Germany (Evertiq)
The steadily growing volumes of sold product, as well as the global orientation of the company, required Stannol to invest in an automatic filling line at its production location in Schrobenhausen.
Dialog expect improved profitability in 2Q/2019 (Evertiq)
In 2Q/2019, Dialog Semiconductor Plc expects operating profit of approximately USD 216 million and underlying operating profit of approximately USD 82 million.
Bourns acquires KEKO-Varicon (Evertiq)
A Bourns company has acquired all shares of KEKO-Varicon d.o.o. Žužambrek (KEKO-Varicon) from its three shareholders, consisting of two members of the MSIN Group and one minority shareholder.
IEEE and HKN presence in Africa: The sparks of technology (EDN News)
In this article I will be writing about two key organizations of which I am a member. The IEEE in which I am a Senior Lifetime Member, and the IEEE-HKN (Eta Kappa Nu), the honor society of IEEE. Both of these organizations have a strong presence in Africa.
ROS On The Rise (emsnow)
<img width="300" height="173" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="ros robot operating system" style="display: block; margin-bottom: 5px; clear:both;max-width: 100%;" link_thumbnail="" srcset=" 300w, 768w, ...
International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC) Program Announced and Registration Now Open   (emsnow)
<p>Minneapolis, MN &#8211; &#8211; The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) and Chip Scale Review are pleased to announce the program for the 16th annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC). The conference will be held October 22-24, 2019 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in San Jose, California. The technical sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday are organized into three tracks: [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href=" ...
iNEMI Announces Publication of the 2019 Roadmap (emsnow)
<p>Consortium marks 25 years of roadmapping the technology needs of the electronics manufacturing industry MORRISVILLE, NC— The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is pleased to announce the release of the 2019 iNEMI Roadmap. For this cycle, roadmap chapters will be published in waves, with two to eight chapters included in each wave, released every two [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">iN ...
SEMI and FIRST Global Team Up to Inspire STEM Education (emsnow)
<p>MILPITAS, Calif. – SEMI, the global industry association representing the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, today announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with FIRST Global, a non-profit that organizes the FIRST Global Challenge, an annual international robotics event dedicated to inspiring a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) among young students worldwide. Under the agreement, SEMI [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://emsn ...
Gartner Survey Reveals Leading Organizations Expect to Double the Number of AI Projects In Place Within the Next Year (emsnow)
<p>Improved Customer Experience and Task Automation Are Key Drivers of AI Use Organizations that are working with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) have, on average, four AI/ML projects in place, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. Of all respondents, 59% said that they have AI deployed today. The Gartner “AI and ML Development Strategies” study [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href=" ...
IPC Seeks Input from Industry on Specific Chemicals (emsnow)
<p>Help Us Help You: Does Your Company Use Any of These Chemicals? By Kelly Scanlon, IPC Director, EHS Policy and Research IPC is seeking insights from its members regarding the use of several specific chemicals in their operations. From now through the end of December, the U.S. EPA will release draft risk evaluations for 10 chemicals. [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">IPC Seeks Input from Industry on Specif ...
Apollo 11 launches, July 16, 1969 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, NASA’s Apollo 11 left Earth on a mission that would see the first humans walk on the moon.
‘Project Bullet’ sets transcontinental speed record, July 16, 1957 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, “Project Bullet” saw Marine Major John Glenn take off in a Vought F8 Crusader on a transcontinental flight that would break then speed records.
Japan-South Korea trade tension affects DRAM prices (Evertiq)
DRAM/NAND prices will be affected - short term - by the Japan-South Korea trade tension and the Toshiba outage (evertiq reported). Long term effects will depend on inventory levels, says market researcher TrendForce.
Axivion targets India and Southeast Asia with new partner (Evertiq)
As of May 2019, Axivion, provider of software solutions for static code analysis and protection against software erosion, has a signed a new partnership with ESA Group in India and Southeast Asia.
Cogiscan and Saki sign strategic partnership (Evertiq)
Cogiscan Inc. has partnered with Saki Corporation to expand the latter’s manufacturing software solutions offering.
ams not 'interested' in Osram Licht after due diligence (Evertiq)
First made public by Osram Licht, ams has now notes a recent publication by Osram Licht AG regarding a preliminary, non-binding expression of interest by ams for OSRAM Licht AG. Today, OSRAM Licht AG (OSRAM) received a non-binding, preliminary expression of interest of ams AG (AMS) to engage in discussions about a public takeover of OSRAM by AMS. Subject to the results of detailed due diligence and success in securing the required financing commitments for the transaction, AMS preliminarily valu ...
Derco expanding workforce on F-35 announcement (Evertiq)
During a visit to Derco, a Lockheed Martin company, President Donald J. Trump announced more work is coming to Milwaukee.
The auto industry now the leading contributor to Mexico’s manufacturing GDP (emsnow)
<p>According to El Economista the automotive sector overtook the food processing industry for the first time in 2018 to become Mexico’s biggest contributor to manufacturing GDP. The automotive industry contributed to 20.7% of manufacturing GDP last year, a 7.7% increase compared to 2010, while the food sector’s contribution fell 2.3% in the same period to [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href=" ...
Overcoming Five Challenges of Manufacturing in Mexico Using a Shelter Services Provider (emsnow)
<p>Originally published on IVEMSA Blog Manufacturing in Mexico has been a smart business decision that companies have benefited from for decades. Although, as with any shifts in business, opening up operations in another country does come with its challenges. Fortunately, with the help of a Mexico shelter services provider, manufacturers can overcome these and create new [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href=" ...
LTE modules empower massive IoT networks (EDN News)
Outfitted with a Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem chipset, the ME310G1 and ME910G1 modules from Telit enable large-scale LTE-M and NB-IoT deployments.
SMTA Queretaro Expo & Tech Forum August 15 (emsnow)
<p>SMTA Queretaro Expo  Thursday, August 15, 2019 &#124; 8:00 am  Location: Hotel Mision Juriquilla. Codigo Reserva SMTAQRO &#160;</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">SMTA Queretaro Expo &#038; Tech Forum August 15</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">EMSNow</a>.</p>
Nuvation supplies Battery Management Systems for Iron Edison’s Solar Energy Storage Solutions (EDN News)
Iron Edison selected Nuvation Energy’s Low-Voltage Battery Management Systems for use in their lithium iron phosphate battery system for residential solar energy storage applications
Queretaro Reaches Out to Aerospace Industry (emsnow)
<p>QUERETARO – The incorporation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into the supply chain of the aerospace industry is one of the strategies developed in Querétaro to boost the growth of this sector. The head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, explained that in collaboration with the Aeroclúster of [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Queretaro Reaches ...
Simulate system hardware before it's built (EDN News)
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems from Bloomy Controls let you simulate sensors and actuators for testing control electronics.
1st American jet passenger airliner flies, July 15, 1954 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the first American jet passenger airliner prototype, the Boeing 367-80, took flight.
Basics of blockchain for the IoT (EDN News)
Bitcoin and the IoT are two of today's hottest trends, and they find their intersection in blockchain technology. But the blockchain of the IoT is different from the blockchain of Bitcoin.
Power supplies target BF medical devices (EDN News)
XP Power launches the PBR500 500-W and PBR650 650-W series of AC/DC power supplies with Type BF insulation for healthcare applications.
Scope lineup gains 13 GHz/16 GHz models (EDN News)
Tektronix has expanded its DPO70000SX series of scopes with models that offer high sample rate and low noise floor at lower bandwidth levels.
Mariner 4 flies by Mars, July 14, 1965 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, American space probe Mariner 4 passed within 6,200 miles of Mars, capturing the first close-up images of the Martian surface.
NY blackout forces look at power systems, July 13, 1977 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, New York City experienced an electricity blackout that would roll into the next day. The events would force a deep look into power systems and distribution.
The Etch A Sketch goes on sale, July 12, 1960 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the popular Etch A Sketch toy went on sale, using electrostatic charge and aluminum powder to create hours of entertainment and frustration.
TI’s Radiation Handbook for Electronics: Perfect timing for the new NASA Artemis and Orion programs (EDN News)
TI has just published another excellent book in their series of tutorial book, this one is entitled TI’s Radiation Handbook for Electronics
Last slide rule manufactured, July 11, 1976 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, the last slide rule manufactured in the United States was produced and presented to the Smithsonian.
Linear does not mean no distortion (EDN News)
Linear does not mean no distortion
Nikola Tesla is born, July 10, 1856 (EDN News)
On this day in tech history, engineer Nikola Tesla, one of history’s most famous inventors, was born.
Advances in supercapacitors (EDN News)
As the demand for better battery life for electronic devices grows so is the quest to find innovated alternative commercially viable energy sources.
Measure humidity with an RH bridge and digitally-programmable capacitor (EDN Test and Measurement)
An AC bridge circuit can be used to measure the unknown capacitance of a sensor, such as a relative humidity sensor.
Build an instrument-control library for Python (EDN Test and Measurement)
Downloadable code provides examples for a Keithley 2400 source-measure unit.
Eye diagrams: The tool for serial data analysis (EDN Test and Measurement)
Eye diagrams can provide insight into the performance of a serial data link. While engineers have used eye diagrams for decades, oscilloscopes continually get new features that increase its value.
Low-cost design: When best practice is too expensive (EDN Test and Measurement)
A signal integrity simulation and analysis reveals how the designers could violate common design rules to cut costs and still produce a working board.
The pitfalls of power-rail noise measurements (EDN Test and Measurement)
Noisy power-rail measurements can ruin your day and wreak havoc on system performance. Fortunately, you can mitigate noise from those measurements.
Tryout: Joulescope Precision DC Energy Analyzer (EDN Test and Measurement)
The Joulescope, now a Kickstarter project, lets you measure voltage and current consumed by many an embedded or IoT system, then calculate power and energy consumption. It's a DMM and oscillograph.
Control the sample rate of digitized signals (EDN Test and Measurement)
Use decimation and interpolation to change the sample rates of digitized waveforms. Doing so will result in cleaner waveforms or smaller file sizes that reduce processing time.
R&D initiative looks to solve energy and climate problems (EDN Test and Measurement)
A proposed R&D program to address climate change and the inevitable fossil-fuel problem uses existing technology.
Perovskite improves solar-cell efficiency (EDN Test and Measurement)
Solar cells have been increasing in efficiency since their invention. Perovskite looks to provide the next increase at a reasonable cost.
Models reveal problems in electronics enclosures (EDN Test and Measurement)
The enclosures around your electronics must survive impacts, high temperatures, and general abuse. Models can uncover hidden defects not visible inside your molded parts.
Repair: HP 34401A capacitor failure (EDN Test and Measurement)
In another case of failed capacitors, this classic meter needed some power-supply capacitors replaced, and the diodes that came with them.
EDN visits a calibration lab (EDN Test and Measurement)
At Transcat's Rochester, N.Y. lab, we gave an HP 34401A DMM a checkup. The meter's readings were disappointing, but it was a worthwhile reality check.
VNAs measure more than components (EDN Test and Measurement)
Vector-network analyzers have come down in price and size to where they have become scientific measurement instruments for measuring snow and soil composition and for characterizing materials.